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Vibram Five-Fingers CVT Hemp

Generally designed for the minimalist trail runner, the Vibram FiveFingers brand has developed into the shoe of choice for runners who are serious about minimalism. A majority of their previous shoe designs have feature very bright and bold colors that don’t always go with a casual look. Well, Vibram has just announced that they will be introducing their first hemp casual lifestyle shoe, a new CVT Hemp line. Now you don’t have to sacrifice a casual look, if you want to spend the afternoon exercising your feet and toes for better circulation with a small hike. The hemp fibers still keep the shoe very abrasion-resistant, and they state that you can even fold the heel down and wear the shoe as a clog. That, is what we call flexible comfort. Allows us to hike during the day, and enjoy backyard comfort at night! Hemp lovers may even be tempted to ditch their Birkenstocks. Well, maybe. The CVT hemp line will hit shelves this August 2014.