Making sure you get all your greens has just gotten easier! Known as the Green Wheel, this unique rotary garden is cleverly designed to be┬áboth iconic for its advantages, and its unique design. This system offers a simple, easy and efficient watering and lighting system in one, based on your particular plants needs. We love that this is an idea originally conceptualized by NASA, and is now being brought to the marketplace by Italian designer, Libero Rutilo. It’s the best looking indoor garden we’ve seen to date, and, once you are setup, the Green Wheel takes care of the rest. Sit back and relax, and watch as the wheel does all the work and distinctively rotates to water, feed, light and grow your garden. If it’s going to be that easy, why not? With less trips to the grocery store, we think that just leaves more time to make mojitos with all that basil!