Cera Vaporizer

Handheld vaporizers are pushing the technological boundaries of micro-computing and materials research. Case in point, the Cera vaporizer from Thermo Essence technologies. The Cera’s primary components are made of FDA approved medical grade ceramic. This is way stronger than the ceramic found in your average coffee mug, like 10x as strong, and can withstand temperatures of 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cera has precision made imprinted in it’s DNA. A three step finishing process results in a finished product so precise their tolerance for defects is ten microns or less than one thousandth of an inch. We don’t even really know what that means, but we know it’s small. Cleaner than glass, stronger than diamonds, USA sourced ceramic, what’s not to like?


Toker Poker

The ubiquitous pokey tool, anything will work, unless of course there’s nothing around. You search your pockets and anywhere within arms reach for a paper clip or toothpick. Maybe under the magazi…uh, no. Maybe not. Why not just combine the poker and tamper tool with the lighter itself? That’s what the ingenious folks over at Toker Poker did. Just slip a regular lighter into the Toker Poker for the perfect little multi-tool. This is a must have for outdoor festivals, events, and no more trying to improvise at the beech: “Hey, anyone got something pokey?”


Saietta R Electric

Composite hemp materials keep popping up in the coolest of places. Few things, if any take it to the extreme like this Saietta R electric motorcycle. First debuted back in 2011 the Saietta R is hitting American shores in 2014. The Saietta R is crazy fast taking only 3 seconds to reach 60 mph from a standing start. Helping to keep this monster as environmentally sustainable as is possible are deflector panels made of hemp, kenaf, jute and cellulose. These new body panels are also recyclable creating even less impact than your average street machine. There is also plenty of range at 120 miles, with an additional 12 mile reserve. One of the coolest features has to be the personalized throttle response allowing riders to create their own custom response settings.


Grav Gold Turbine Sidecar

Well we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing one of these on our coffee table. If you’re still rocking plastic and aluminum then maybe it’s time to step up your game a little bit. Grav Labs out of Austin, Texas specializes in high quality scientific glass. For seven years they have specialized in creating pieces that are as good to look at as they are to use. This Turbine Sidecar Bubbler is part of Grav Labs limited edition Gold series of glass. The bubbler features a Turbine Shower Head Perc for a smooth draw. They’ve even gone so far as to design the filtration system to be a little bit of performance art. The 8″ bubbler is made using extra thick borosilicate giving the piece a professional heft and finish.


Kaimanu Hemp Surfboards

Kaimanu Surfboards are as eco-conscious as they are simply amazing pieces of ridable art. Hand-shaped and hand-grassed. Chad Kaimanu Jackson and his friends are creating high-performance boards with materials like Greenfoam, agave, and hemp cloth fiber. FiberGrass was pioneered and developed by Kaimanu using a specially designed hemp cloth for laminating surfboards. 100% agave cores add natural flex to the board, and reclaimed native California redwood fins hold steady with the integrity of an old growth forest. Kaimanu Surfboards are a powerful expression of environmental consciousness and technology, shaped by a life in harmony with the sea.


JVC Arsenal Series

JVC designed their Arsenal series to incorporate just about every single piece of technology they had to offer in a single sub. Advanced materials like the dual-layer Kevlar laminated hemp fiber cone makes for a tough and rigid surface, but also one that is lightweight. The 15″ subwoofer can be feed up to 1,500 watts RMS for monster low end response. A Rapid Fire Impedance Selector Terminal allows for you to switch instantly between 1-ohm or 4-ohm total impedance letting you wring out the best performance based on your amplifier. Helping to keep things cool is the Arsenal’s Thermal Transfer Technology built into the rugged chassis for rapid heat dissipation. Vents built into the die-cast aluminum basket and a bottom plate keep the interior of the sub cool even if things inside your car are getting a little hot.


High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Pica de Ganja Nachos. What else is there to say? Cooking with cannabis can be a little hit and miss sometimes, but luckily the talented folks over at High Times have you covered. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook includes more than 50 recipes inspired by some of the greatest names in stoner stardom like Willie Nelson, Cheech and Chong, and Snoop Dogg. Show of your new culinary expertise with some Sativa Shrimp Spring Rolls and Pineapple Express Upside-Down Cake the next time everyone’s over for grilling. Step it up a noch with some cannabis cocktails and take your cook out to a higher level. One can never be too punny, can one?


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

We all know we should be eating better and that omeg-3 fatty acids lower inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic disease. But sometimes life gets in the way of best intentions and we can find ourselves eating out of vending machines and drive through windows. Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts are a convenient way of adding essential omega-3′s to just about any dish. Hemp Hearts contain more protein and omegas and less carbs than chia or flax. Sprinkle a little on your yogurt, or post-workout shake to add 10 grams of protein.


Grasshopper Herbal Vaporizer

Vaporizers are a great alternative to burning flower; however, the ability to efficiently vape dry herbs usually requires a big and bulky tabletop rig. Even the best portable handheld devices usually look just like what they are, big, portable vaporizers. The folks behind Grasshopper think that something a little more discrete is in order, and we couldn’t agree more. Designed to look and be carried like a pen, this powerful herbal vaporizer would look perfectly ordinary sitting on the table next to your morning latte. Quick heating and precision temperature control keeps your buds from combusting.