Watermelon Cream

In what we can only hope is a sign of the future in edibles the Dixie One Watermelon Cream is the first product from Dixie Elixers to feature a single serving of THC (5mg) in each can. With Dixie One you can quench that summer thirst without spending the rest of the afternoon hunched over zoning out on the lawn. Single-serving edibles are long overdue. The average cannabis drink product can contain more than 75mg of THC, which is fine if you’re sharing with a couple of friends, but that’s a little too much if your just looking to sip on something cold while you keep an eye on the grill.


Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power is here to save us from our own Idoiocracy. “Brawndo With Electrolytes It’s Got What Plants Crave!” Seriously, how many times have you forgotten to water that sad looking plant sitting on the window sill? You see it every day. Well forget no more. This twiggy looking device can simply be inserted into the soil and live track the environment and development of your green little friend. The Parrot Flower Power monitors soil moisture and fertilizer levels and connects directly with the Flower Power app giving you live access to readings and suggestions based on your chosen plant type. Yes, the magical cannabis is indeed included in the 6,000 plant types available from the database.



Of all the ways to enjoy cannabis with yourself or your partner this has to be one of the best. Foria is the first marijuana infused personal lubricant designed for her pleasure. The historical use of marijuana as an aphrodisiac inspired the Foria’s proprietary formula. Each bottle is handcrafted from 100% liquid coconut oil promoting a healthy pH balance as well as providing natural lubrication. All natural enhancement comes in the form of 2mg of THC per spray.


Colorado Hemp Coffee

The good folks over at Colorado Hemp Coffee want to bless your morning cup-a-joe with a littleness wellness. Hailing themselves as a “unique super food coffee blend”, this mellow brew contains 90 grams of hemp seed per pound of Hemp Coffee. The potential health benefits are derived from the fact hemp seeds are high in CBD. Cannabidiol — CBD — is the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, is just beginning to be understood and used to treat an incredible array of conditions. Colorado Hemp Coffee also offers custom labeling and special blends so you can create a one of a kind brew.


Rodawg Twist

You are about to head out and you have this perfect cone ready to go, but what do you put it in? There must be something around the living room that you can use to keep it safe while you travel. May we suggest something with a little more style and swagger? How about keeping your tasty buds safe in The Twist. Rodawg is known for making sophisticated cannabis accessories and The Twist is a perfect example. The Twist looks great protecting one cone in a food-grade acrylic, shatter-resistant container with a literal twist.


Shine Gold Wrapping Papers

Want to smoke like a boss? These should do it. For those of you with the money to burn may we present to you Shine Gold Cigar Wraps. Each cigar wrap is handcrafted from 24k gold and tobacco. The gold is edible, and even leaves little “gems” behind in the ashtray. No, the ashes are not worth anything so you can not sell them. But the attention you’ll get lighting up 24k gold should be worth the investment.


Hermes Porcelain Ashtray

Still using leftover cans and bottles as an ashtray? Maybe it’s time to throw away the junk and pick up something a little more presentable like this Limoges porcelain ashtray from Hermes. For over 150 years Hermes has been turning out handcrafted luxury goods. The porcelain comes from Limoges, the premier manufacturing city of porcelain in France. The base is covered in velvet goat skin dyed in a Hermes red. This is a serious piece of smoking kit with the price tag to match. But, how good would it look sitting in your living room compared to that dirty old can you’ve been ashing out into lately?


The Deodorizer Bag

We’re big fans of the great outdoors and this clever gear can have you packed away without the rest of your stuff smelling like a grow house. The Deodorizer Bag is made from military-grade, activated charcoal cloth which actively absorbs odors. This active charcoal is a big step up from “smell proof” which is merely an attempt to block odors from leaking out. Because the interior charcoal cloth is active it will eventually become less effective at absorbing odors, so the “D Bag” is not intended for long term storage. Every day use should still be good for around 2 years, and longer if only used occasionally.


Cannador Cannabis Humidor

Nothing says classy like a bunch of plastic baggies and dispensary jars floating around the living room. On top of being eyesore, clear plastic and glass let in damaging UV rays. The Cannador offers a more sophisticated approach to storing your quality buds. Air-permeable cans are precisely sized to hold up to 3/4 oz of dried herbs. The interior is made from mahogany instead of cedar which is often found in cigar humidors. Cedar can leave residue and odors that you really don’t want overpowering your sweet sensimilla.