Kandy Pens Limited Edition Skycloud

Kandy Pens

We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the red carpet at the Emmy’s and some tarted up vulture starts rifling through your personal possessions on national television. Well cable television anyway. So what do you do? ¬†Show everyone your “liquid pot” pen of course. And with the Limited Edition Skycloud from Kandy Pens you can even match that designer clutch, or man-purse–fanny pack, whatever that thing is. The Skycloud comes in 15 bold colors like the Femme Fatale and Bullet Boy. A “Wickless” atomizer for concentrates means no wick aftertaste. If you are more of a flower connoisseur the honeycomb glass inserts are a great choice. Then of course you can always go liquid. This multi-use vaporizer is ready to roll with whatever your preferred style happens to be.