Happy Daddy Products has a range of products for the concentrate connoisseur and we found just the gadget that might soon become your favorite concentrate dabber tool. The Buddha Bomb, or how we like to call it, the Big Awesome Buddha Bomb, is hand made here in the US in Oregon state and comes in two choices; Stainless Steel or Grade 2 Pure Titanium.  We think the titanium is the way to go. This tool has many purposes, but is mainly created to better clean your grinder and help you scoop up all the good stuff.  Works great for spooning product and doubles as a Dabber too! The open circle tip design provides a unique surface area allowing for a more proportionate dab with various concentrate consistencies. If you suddenly become hungry, you can (thoroughly clean your tool) before you use it to scoop out some caviar. Don’t forget to hold your pinky up!