Fully Loaded Trim Station

If you enjoy doing a little labor with your lifestyle, but find that space might be tight or tools get lost to easily, you might want to consider a trimming station to keep things organized. Even with a limited amount of space, this Fully Loaded Trim Station is a unique all-in-one trimming rig made right here in the USA that will fit into almost any nook or corner. Not only is the body frame built out of aluminum, it comes complete with a flex metal gooseneck ¬†featuring a brand new Bud Beam light! This Bud Beam packs a 5Watt LED light that stays cool, and gives you plenty of light to see, but doesn’t fill your area with any unwanted heat. There are enough compartments to hold your iPhone, Mountain Dew or CannaCola, or whatever you want to bring along and keep handy for the trimming adventure!