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Kandy Pens Limited Edition Skycloud

Kandy Pens

We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the red carpet at the Emmy’s and some tarted up vulture starts rifling through your personal possessions on national television. Well cable television anyway. So what do you do? ¬†Show everyone your “liquid pot” pen of course. And with the Limited Edition Skycloud from Kandy Pens you can even match that designer clutch, or man-purse–fanny pack, whatever that thing is. The Skycloud comes in 15 bold colors like the Femme Fatale and Bullet Boy. A “Wickless” atomizer for concentrates means no wick aftertaste. If you are more of a flower connoisseur the honeycomb glass inserts are a great choice. Then of course you can always go liquid. This multi-use vaporizer is ready to roll with whatever your preferred style happens to be.

Firefly Vaporizer

Firefly Vaporizer

There has been a lot of talk about this little beauty, and it deserves every bit of the attention. The Firefly is a true handheld convection vaporizer with style. The super-alloy heating element is computer-controlled to maintain a maximum temperature of 400°F to prevent your bud from burning. Simply pop the magnetized top plate off the device, add your flower, and pop the top back on. When ready, the Firefly emits an orange glow that can be seen through the chamber window. To make sure you never have to wait around for your device to charge the Firefly comes with a swappable battery.


Cera Vaporizer

Handheld vaporizers are pushing the technological boundaries of micro-computing and materials research. Case in point, the Cera vaporizer from Thermo Essence technologies. The Cera’s primary components are made of FDA approved medical grade ceramic. This is way stronger than the ceramic found in your average coffee mug, like 10x as strong, and can withstand temperatures of 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cera has precision made imprinted in it’s DNA. A three step finishing process results in a finished product so precise their tolerance for defects is ten microns or less than one thousandth of an inch. We don’t even really know what that means, but we know it’s small. Cleaner than glass, stronger than diamonds, USA sourced ceramic, what’s not to like?


Grasshopper Herbal Vaporizer

Vaporizers are a great alternative to burning flower; however, the ability to efficiently vape dry herbs usually requires a big and bulky tabletop rig. Even the best portable handheld devices usually look just like what they are, big, portable vaporizers. The folks behind Grasshopper think that something a little more discrete is in order, and we couldn’t agree more. Designed to look and be carried like a pen, this powerful herbal vaporizer would look perfectly ordinary sitting on the table next to your morning latte. Quick heating and precision temperature control keeps your buds from combusting.



Vaping is a great alternative to burning dried flower, but extraction can be dangerous and full of leftover contaminants if not properly purged.PRIME is a new line of connoisseur grade products from the good folks over at DIXIE. The master extractors over at DIXIE use a newer CO2 extraction method which eliminates the need for solvents and cleaning them back out again. The primo concentrates include a high-grade Shatter product, a smooth and potent powdered oil, and two grades of hash. There is even a “PURE” tetrahydrocannabinol oil cartridge available.


SToK Dabbing Torch

If you are Vaping or dabbing, your average lighter is basically useless. What you really need is some serious flame. This new mini torch from SToK claims to be “the biggest, baddest flame” on the market. We certainly aren’t going to argue with them. The SToK FYR Atom Torch burns at searing hot 2700*F. That’s is almost enough heat to melt steel. (2,800*F for the curious.) Luckily for us it does come with a 2-way adjustable flame and a child-safety latch. We like the stable base and upright operation for those times you don’t have an extra hand. You can convert into a snub nose version, but we’d like to keep our eyebrows.



Finding oil cartridges can be tough, and making oil at home can be dangerous. But you still want a better way to vape and so does Snoop; so he’s launched the Double G Series starting with the G Pen Herbal vaporizer pen. The G Pen Herbal Tank is intricately covered with a roadmap of Long Beach highlighting some of the media mogul’s favorite spots. The stainless steel case is fully custom including Snoop’s signature engraving just above the button. It has cutout so you can see the action behind the scientifically-hardened glass sleeve. Because we like the way you, french, inhale.