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MMJ delivery services are nothing new, but Eaze plans to change all that. Being hailed as the “Uber of pot”, Eaze allows MMJ users to place orders through an extensive dispensary and driver network. Once you have registered with your medical marijuana ID (MMID) simply launch the app and you will be able to choose from Eaze’s selection of eight strains and set the desired amount. Like “Uber” The app will automatically pinpoint your location and give you an estimated delivery time. Once you’ve confirmed just sit back and relax. Eaze claims that with their system they should be able to delivery to most users within ten minutes of the order. Sadly Eaze is only available to MMJ patients in San Francisco, but keep a look out as they are seeking to expand to Southern California, Colorado, and Washington.



The Bamboosero concept was developed by legendary bike builder Craig Calfee to help people in struggling economies by making a common resource more valuable. The Bamboosero is made from locally available and sustainable bamboo and hemp fiber. Hemp fiber and plastics are extremely durable with properties similar to carbon fiber. Of course hemp is a sustainable resource costing many times less than carbon fiber, and can be found nearly anywhere people are to be found. The program works like this. Bamboosero helps bike builders set up production and infrastructure, then buys the bikes from those local manufacturers, and then markets the bikes to the U.S. and European markets. Taking the idea even further, you can actually follow the money on their website to see where every penny of the retail price goes.


Saietta R Electric

Composite hemp materials keep popping up in the coolest of places. Few things, if any take it to the extreme like this Saietta R electric motorcycle. First debuted back in 2011 the Saietta R is hitting American shores in 2014. The Saietta R is crazy fast taking only 3 seconds to reach 60 mph from a standing start. Helping to keep this monster as environmentally sustainable as is possible are deflector panels made of hemp, kenaf, jute and cellulose. These new body panels are also recyclable creating even less impact than your average street machine. There is also plenty of range at 120 miles, with an additional 12 mile reserve. One of the coolest features has to be the personalized throttle response allowing riders to create their own custom response settings.


Kaimanu Hemp Surfboards

Kaimanu Surfboards are as eco-conscious as they are simply amazing pieces of ridable art. Hand-shaped and hand-grassed. Chad Kaimanu Jackson and his friends are creating high-performance boards with materials like Greenfoam, agave, and hemp cloth fiber. FiberGrass was pioneered and developed by Kaimanu using a specially designed hemp cloth for laminating surfboards. 100% agave cores add natural flex to the board, and reclaimed native California redwood fins hold steady with the integrity of an old growth forest. Kaimanu Surfboards are a powerful expression of environmental consciousness and technology, shaped by a life in harmony with the sea.