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Rodawg Twist

You are about to head out and you have this perfect cone ready to go, but what do you put it in? There must be something around the living room that you can use to keep it safe while you travel. May we suggest something with a little more style and swagger? How about keeping your tasty buds safe in The Twist. Rodawg is known for making sophisticated cannabis accessories and The Twist is a perfect example. The Twist looks great protecting one cone in a food-grade acrylic, shatter-resistant container with a literal twist.


Shine Gold Wrapping Papers

Want to smoke like a boss? These should do it. For those of you with the money to burn may we present to you Shine Gold Cigar Wraps. Each cigar wrap is handcrafted from 24k gold and tobacco. The gold is edible, and even leaves little “gems” behind in the ashtray. No, the ashes are not worth anything so you can not sell them. But the attention you’ll get lighting up 24k gold should be worth the investment.


Hermes Porcelain Ashtray

Still using leftover cans and bottles as an ashtray? Maybe it’s time to throw away the junk and pick up something a little more presentable like this Limoges porcelain ashtray from Hermes. For over 150 years Hermes has been turning out handcrafted luxury goods. The porcelain comes from Limoges, the premier manufacturing city of porcelain in France. The base is covered in velvet goat skin dyed in a Hermes red. This is a serious piece of smoking kit with the price tag to match. But, how good would it look sitting in your living room compared to that dirty old can you’ve been ashing out into lately?


Toker Poker

The ubiquitous pokey tool, anything will work, unless of course there’s nothing around. You search your pockets and anywhere within arms reach for a paper clip or toothpick. Maybe under the magazi…uh, no. Maybe not. Why not just combine the poker and tamper tool with the lighter itself? That’s what the ingenious folks over at Toker Poker did. Just slip a regular lighter into the Toker Poker for the perfect little multi-tool. This is a must have for outdoor festivals, events, and no more trying to improvise at the beech: “Hey, anyone got something pokey?”


Grav Gold Turbine Sidecar

Well we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing one of these on our coffee table. If you’re still rocking plastic and aluminum then maybe it’s time to step up your game a little bit. Grav Labs out of Austin, Texas specializes in high quality scientific glass. For seven years they have specialized in creating pieces that are as good to look at as they are to use. This Turbine Sidecar Bubbler is part of Grav Labs limited edition Gold series of glass. The bubbler features a Turbine Shower Head Perc for a smooth draw. They’ve even gone so far as to design the filtration system to be a little bit of performance art. The 8″ bubbler is made using extra thick borosilicate giving the piece a professional heft and finish.



Vaping is a great alternative to burning dried flower, but extraction can be dangerous and full of leftover contaminants if not properly purged.PRIME is a new line of connoisseur grade products from the good folks over at DIXIE. The master extractors over at DIXIE use a newer CO2 extraction method which eliminates the need for solvents and cleaning them back out again. The primo concentrates include a high-grade Shatter product, a smooth and potent powdered oil, and two grades of hash. There is even a “PURE” tetrahydrocannabinol oil cartridge available.


Bugatti Shisha Pipe

Yes.That Bugatti. Handmade in Sweden, and nearly as rare as the Veyron itself, this collaboration between the Bugatti design team and Stockholm-based hookah manufacturer Desvall is truly a work of art. The pipe is built with a solid titanium frame and encased in carbon fiber with hand-sewn leather details. A modern base made of special metals from the automotive industry replaces the traditional glass. The precision engineered shisha pipe will be limited to 150 units and will set back those lucky few a $100,000.


Cranfords Machine Rolled Marijuana Cigarettes

Sometimes you just want to light up with everyone else, but even the tightest rolled joint is bound to give you some looks. Cranfords has stepped up the pre-roll game with America’s first cannabis cigarette. This custom retro tin is specifically designed to keep your 10 professionally machine rolled cannabis cigarettes fresh and safe from smashing up in your pocket. Each slow cured cigarette is additive free, and packed with organic cannabis. Just the background story on Mr. Cranford himself is worth a visit to their website.