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Soul Shine

The Soul Shine ups the ante in the Canadian Hemp Guitars guitar line nicely and has quickly become our biggest seller. While the construction, design and electronics are standard across the line, that’s where it ends. The guitar features a stock Canadian Hemp Guitars neck of maple, with an optional maple or rosewood fingerboard. The patented body design brings the look together with a wide range of customer selectable colours and finishes.

The guitar also provides an entry to many custom hardware  and electronics including a selection of base model pickups and near limitless additional options for pickups, bridges and onboard effects including boutique single coil or humbucker, undersaddle piezos, bigsby tremelos and our patented onboard overdrive switch and other options. When it comes to a grab-and-go guitar, the Soul Shine puts it all together in a light-weight, versatile, beautifully finished instrument.