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Hemp + Honey

Healthy living is something we all strive for and now Hemp + Honey has the body care product lineup to help us treat our bodies with delicate, natural products that are good for us. We were lucky enough to try the full Hemp + Honey Plus Kit and as soon as the box opens, the smell of lavender and tea tree are fresh and abundant. All of the Hemp + Honey products are carefully crafted with skin-loving ingredients such as Matcha Green Tea for healthy antioxidants, Coconut Oil rich in Vitamin E, and Shea Butter with Omega-9 fatty acids.┬áInside the kit, each piece is individually boxed or wrapped and is perfectly crisp awaiting for it’s chance to shine. Finally, a personal hygiene product line that is healthy for our bodies, looks great, and aligns all of our senses for feeling good and smelling good that allow us to conquer our day with a fresh start! Makes a great gift for the holidays.


Hermes Porcelain Ashtray

Still using leftover cans and bottles as an ashtray? Maybe it’s time to throw away the junk and pick up something a little more presentable like this Limoges porcelain ashtray from Hermes. For over 150 years Hermes has been turning out handcrafted luxury goods. The porcelain comes from Limoges, the premier manufacturing city of porcelain in France. The base is covered in velvet goat skin dyed in a Hermes red. This is a serious piece of smoking kit with the price tag to match. But, how good would it look sitting in your living room compared to that dirty old can you’ve been ashing out into lately?


The Deodorizer Bag

We’re big fans of the great outdoors and this clever gear can have you packed away without the rest of your stuff smelling like a grow house. The Deodorizer Bag is made from military-grade, activated charcoal cloth which actively absorbs odors. This active charcoal is a big step up from “smell proof” which is merely an attempt to block odors from leaking out. Because the interior charcoal cloth is active it will eventually become less effective at absorbing odors, so the “D Bag” is not intended for long term storage. Every day use should still be good for around 2 years, and longer if only used occasionally.


Cannador Cannabis Humidor

Nothing says classy like a bunch of plastic baggies and dispensary jars floating around the living room. On top of being eyesore, clear plastic and glass let in damaging UV rays. The Cannador offers a more sophisticated approach to storing your quality buds. Air-permeable cans are precisely sized to hold up to 3/4 oz of dried herbs. The interior is made from mahogany instead of cedar which is often found in cigar humidors. Cedar can leave residue and odors that you really don’t want overpowering your sweet sensimilla.