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It looks like our summer freestyle wardrobe still has one more thing missing, the Buckle Puffer. There’s no reason to sacrifice style for function with this genuine leather belt that doubles as a tobacco pipe. This versatile accessory is handmade right here in the USA, following its roots starting out in a Cleveland garage. The handy magnetic closure offers a snug fit, giving you a rattle-free seal with a sleek and stylish design. This company also is not about to run out on you anytime. Grow an inch or two and want your belt adjusted? They have a resizing service just for that. Free Shipping within the US and three different leather colors to choose from (Brown, Black & Chestnut) makes this a dynamite accessory for anyone with a little rock star in them!


Rodawg Twist

You are about to head out and you have this perfect cone ready to go, but what do you put it in? There must be something around the living room that you can use to keep it safe while you travel. May we suggest something with a little more style and swagger? How about keeping your tasty buds safe in The Twist. Rodawg is known for making sophisticated cannabis accessories and The Twist is a perfect example. The Twist looks great protecting one cone in a food-grade acrylic, shatter-resistant container with a literal twist.


The Deodorizer Bag

We’re big fans of the great outdoors and this clever gear can have you packed away without the rest of your stuff smelling like a grow house. The Deodorizer Bag is made from military-grade, activated charcoal cloth which actively absorbs odors. This active charcoal is a big step up from “smell proof” which is merely an attempt to block odors from leaking out. Because the interior charcoal cloth is active it will eventually become less effective at absorbing odors, so the “D Bag” is not intended for long term storage. Every day use should still be good for around 2 years, and longer if only used occasionally.


Cannador Cannabis Humidor

Nothing says classy like a bunch of plastic baggies and dispensary jars floating around the living room. On top of being eyesore, clear plastic and glass let in damaging UV rays. The Cannador offers a more sophisticated approach to storing your quality buds. Air-permeable cans are precisely sized to hold up to 3/4 oz of dried herbs. The interior is made from mahogany instead of cedar which is often found in cigar humidors. Cedar can leave residue and odors that you really don’t want overpowering your sweet sensimilla.


Toker Poker

The ubiquitous pokey tool, anything will work, unless of course there’s nothing around. You search your pockets and anywhere within arms reach for a paper clip or toothpick. Maybe under the magazi…uh, no. Maybe not. Why not just combine the poker and tamper tool with the lighter itself? That’s what the ingenious folks over at Toker Poker did. Just slip a regular lighter into the Toker Poker for the perfect little multi-tool. This is a must have for outdoor festivals, events, and no more trying to improvise at the beech: “Hey, anyone got something pokey?”


Wave Tribe Hemp Soft Rack

Made of tough hemp fabric, these surfboard soft-racks look cool on top of your rental or your own ride as you cruise down the coast looking for the best break. They are quick and easy to install and fit snugly into a heavy-duty, protective travel pouch. There is a single or double size option. Get the single rack for one stack and the double to stack those boards side-by-side. Wave Tribe does a nice job with strong bull steel accessory attachments, embroidered logo and sophisticated hemp weave.  And it fits all size boards.  If you surf, you probably need a soft-rack, so why not make it hemp?


420 Scope

This latest piece of gear will make your Science Friday’s even more fun!  We’ve all had those times where we come across some herb that’s greener and fuzzier than we ever dreamed possible. While some people take a moment to thank the strain gods, we say it’s the proper moment to whip out this portable scope and look a little closer. Up to 100x closer, to be exact. This 420 Scope lets you see our favorite flower at the microscopic level. The 60-100x zoom lens and bright white LED light combine to provide the most vivid image possible. The reviews liken it to seeing herb in High Definition. So go ahead and dare to zoom in, and get lost in your own emerald city!


Niche “HempHop” Snowboards

We’re big fans of sustainability, especially when it helps us tackle this epic post season the Western Slopes are having. These boards use what Niche is calling “HempHop Stringers” in place of traditional materials like carbon fiber and glass. These stringers have similar characteristics of carbon fiber but without the high emissions that result in their manufacture. The Story 2.0 is an all mountain multi-camber packed with serious echo tech like Basalt Magma Fiber instead of fiberglass. We might be getting ready for the beach. But we’re always dreaming of powder.



Happy Daddy Products has a range of products for the concentrate connoisseur and we found just the gadget that might soon become your favorite concentrate dabber tool. The Buddha Bomb, or how we like to call it, the Big Awesome Buddha Bomb, is hand made here in the US in Oregon state and comes in two choices; Stainless Steel or Grade 2 Pure Titanium.  We think the titanium is the way to go. This tool has many purposes, but is mainly created to better clean your grinder and help you scoop up all the good stuff.  Works great for spooning product and doubles as a Dabber too! The open circle tip design provides a unique surface area allowing for a more proportionate dab with various concentrate consistencies. If you suddenly become hungry, you can (thoroughly clean your tool) before you use it to scoop out some caviar. Don’t forget to hold your pinky up!