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MyDx Canna Sensor

The MyDx basically is a chemical testing laboratory in the palm of your hands. MyDx is developing its Canna sensor that will be able to perform a strain analysis and test the different levels of THC & CBD in your marijuana. Then it will create a custom entry for the specific strain. With the aid of pattern recognition software and personal feedback MyDx will be able to keep track of how each chemical profile affects you. Imagine getting personal strain recommendations tailored to your exact chemical profile. The Canna sensor will also look for terpenoids, the class of compounds that are responsible for the unique smell between strains. It has just finished it’s crowd funding campaign, but we will be keeping up with it’s development. “Siri, I need something heady with bit of energy.”

hemp bio resin scooter

Be.e electric scooter

This classy little beast is as easy to look at as it is easy on the environment. The Van.Eko Be.e electric scooter’s body is made entirely out of a hemp and bio-resin monocoque. The egg shape of the body supports the load of the passenger and gear, eliminating the need for a frame. The Be.e is still more or less a prototype, but it already demonstrates how designers and engineers are increasingly turning to sustainable materials like hemp.


Smartphone-Controlled Growing System

This is the perfect solution for those of us who live in smaller living spaces, but still like the hobby of growing our own “greens”. The Niwa is a smartphone-controlled growing system with more than just a few tricks up it’s sleeve. It’s powerful micro controller is really at the heart of the system, controlling water flow, temperature, and optimal humidity. The dedicated app will ask you simple questions like, “Can you see flowers?”, and based on your answer update new growth settings. It’s like having an experienced farmer working in your apartment 24hrs a day.


Lotus “Eco” Elise

Speed, and sustainability? Lotus thinks so. This “Eco” Elise features hemp fiber “A” class body panels and spoiler. Locally farmed hemp is used, keeping the carbon miles used to deliver the material to a minimum. Choosing hemp over carbon fiber means using a natural resource that absorbs CO2 and requires relatively low energy to manufacture. DuPont even created a custom water based paint system for the eco roadster.



Today’s consumers are striving towards a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment. They want innovative products such as electric scooters and hybrid cars as well as new, environmentally compatible, light and durable materials.

According to Werner Aisslinger, the development of the *hemp chair* marks a turning point in this trend. “Design history is driven by new technologies and material innovation. For us designers, the advent of these technologies has always been the starting point for new objects and typologies in design,” states the internationally acclaimed designer from Berlin.