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Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power is here to save us from our own Idoiocracy. “Brawndo With Electrolytes It’s Got What Plants Crave!” Seriously, how many times have you forgotten to water that sad looking plant sitting on the window sill? You see it every day. Well forget no more. This twiggy looking device can simply be inserted into the soil and live track the environment and development of your green little friend. The Parrot Flower Power monitors soil moisture and fertilizer levels and connects directly with the Flower Power app giving you live access to readings and suggestions based on your chosen plant type. Yes, the magical cannabis is indeed included in the 6,000 plant types available from the database.


Fiskars Uproot Weed Puller

If you are a little late planting this years garden every second counts. The most tedious and time consuming task? Pulling weeds. Well this vicious little thing looks more like something for the zombie apocalypse than a garden tool, but the Uproot promises to wipe out weeds without wiping out your back. Four serrated edges form a stainless steel claw that grabs weeds by the root. The long handle is attached to a foot platform keeping you upright while you penetrate the tough soul with a simple step. Once the root is firmly grasped simply pull on the handle and the entire tap root is pulled up along with it.


Twister T4 Trimmer

The Twister T4 Trimmer has the looks of a fine chronometer, and it performs as well as it looks. SoftTubmle Technology maintains minimal impact on the flowers with shorter tumble distances and a polished stainless steel non-stick surface. At 56lbs it can be moved around by one person, and plugs directly into your standard 110V outlet. You can even add additional T4′s and connect them together to boost your performance.


Fully Loaded Trim Station

If you enjoy doing a little labor with your lifestyle, but find that space might be tight or tools get lost to easily, you might want to consider a trimming station to keep things organized. Even with a limited amount of space, this Fully Loaded Trim Station is a unique all-in-one trimming rig made right here in the USA that will fit into almost any nook or corner. Not only is the body frame built out of aluminum, it comes complete with a flex metal gooseneck  featuring a brand new Bud Beam light! This Bud Beam packs a 5Watt LED light that stays cool, and gives you plenty of light to see, but doesn’t fill your area with any unwanted heat. There are enough compartments to hold your iPhone, Mountain Dew or CannaCola, or whatever you want to bring along and keep handy for the trimming adventure!



Hemp is an extremely versatile plant and we have found yet another way it can improve our lives even more. Welcome, Cannabric!  Cannabric’s are an eco-friendly homeowners dream.  The main component of Cannabric hempbricks is hemp, and can be used for insulating, or loadbearing inside- and outside walls. Hemp is naturally mold, pest and flame resistant, so we think this makes it a pretty cool building tool. The bricks also offer special thermal, acoustic and bio-climatic qualities to keep your home quiet, safe and dry throughout the year. Hemp bricks are generally made from a combination of hemp hurds, lime and water as it cures it draws the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and petrifies the cellulose into stone. This combination also makes the bricks lighter than the traditional clay bricks, which you’ll be thanking the gods for if you decide to build anything bigger than a dog house!




Making sure you get all your greens has just gotten easier! Known as the Green Wheel, this unique rotary garden is cleverly designed to be both iconic for its advantages, and its unique design. This system offers a simple, easy and efficient watering and lighting system in one, based on your particular plants needs. We love that this is an idea originally conceptualized by NASA, and is now being brought to the marketplace by Italian designer, Libero Rutilo. It’s the best looking indoor garden we’ve seen to date, and, once you are setup, the Green Wheel takes care of the rest. Sit back and relax, and watch as the wheel does all the work and distinctively rotates to water, feed, light and grow your garden. If it’s going to be that easy, why not? With less trips to the grocery store, we think that just leaves more time to make mojitos with all that basil!