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Grav Gold Turbine Sidecar

Well we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing one of these on our coffee table. If you’re still rocking plastic and aluminum then maybe it’s time to step up your game a little bit. Grav Labs out of Austin, Texas specializes in high quality scientific glass. For seven years they have specialized in creating pieces that are as good to look at as they are to use. This Turbine Sidecar Bubbler is part of Grav Labs limited edition Gold series of glass. The bubbler features a Turbine Shower Head Perc for a smooth draw. They’ve even gone so far as to design the filtration system to be a little bit of performance art. The 8″ bubbler is made using extra thick borosilicate giving the piece a professional heft and finish.


SToK Dabbing Torch

If you are Vaping or dabbing, your average lighter is basically useless. What you really need is some serious flame. This new mini torch from SToK claims to be “the biggest, baddest flame” on the market. We certainly aren’t going to argue with them. The SToK FYR Atom Torch burns at searing hot 2700*F. That’s is almost enough heat to melt steel. (2,800*F for the curious.) Luckily for us it does come with a 2-way adjustable flame and a child-safety latch. We like the stable base and upright operation for those times you don’t have an extra hand. You can convert into a snub nose version, but we’d like to keep our eyebrows.