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Saietta R Electric

Composite hemp materials keep popping up in the coolest of places. Few things, if any take it to the extreme like this Saietta R electric motorcycle. First debuted back in 2011 the Saietta R is hitting American shores in 2014. The Saietta R is crazy fast taking only 3 seconds to reach 60 mph from a standing start. Helping to keep this monster as environmentally sustainable as is possible are deflector panels made of hemp, kenaf, jute and cellulose. These new body panels are also recyclable creating even less impact than your average street machine. There is also plenty of range at 120 miles, with an additional 12 mile reserve. One of the coolest features has to be the personalized throttle response allowing riders to create their own custom response settings.

hemp bio resin scooter

Be.e electric scooter

This classy little beast is as easy to look at as it is easy on the environment. The Van.Eko Be.e electric scooter’s body is made entirely out of a hemp and bio-resin monocoque. The egg shape of the body supports the load of the passenger and gear, eliminating the need for a frame. The Be.e is still more or less a prototype, but it already demonstrates how designers and engineers are increasingly turning to sustainable materials like hemp.