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JVC Arsenal Series

JVC designed their Arsenal series to incorporate just about every single piece of technology they had to offer in a single sub. Advanced materials like the dual-layer Kevlar laminated hemp fiber cone makes for a tough and rigid surface, but also one that is lightweight. The 15″ subwoofer can be feed up to 1,500 watts RMS for monster low end response. A Rapid Fire Impedance Selector Terminal allows for you to switch instantly between 1-ohm or 4-ohm total impedance letting you wring out the best performance based on your amplifier. Helping to keep things cool is the Arsenal’s Thermal Transfer Technology built into the rugged chassis for rapid heat dissipation. Vents built into the die-cast aluminum basket and a bottom plate keep the interior of the sub cool even if things inside your car are getting a little hot.

levys_M8H_guitar strap

Levy’s M8H Classic Guitar Strap

Our latest find is for the guitar lovers out there. Levy’s, an all-American brand, is also one of the world’s most famous guitar strap makers and is seen worn by hundreds of famous musicians all over the world. Their M8H guitar strap is made of sturdy hemp burlap and is part of the Classic Series. The strap is 2″ wide with solid leather ends and the design offers a tight hemp weave webbing that is 61″ in length and works great for any acoustic, electric or bass guitar. The Tri-glide adjustment allows you to customize your fit and set it to your favorite length. Just right for the rock star in the family, of any age!


Mareley Headphones

Our idea to create headphones that answered the question, “What does eco-friendly mean?” goes back to incorporating the philosophies of our namesake, Bob Marley. The legendary artist was a consummate advocate for Mother Nature, who wrote songs extolling her many virtues as well as protest lyrics aimed at her detractors.

With this in mind, the House of Marley looked to cut down on waste by using recycled material to create our products. While some products stamp their product as being “green” without considering what it really means, our brand uses everything from recycled hemp, cotton, plastic water bottles, metal and FSC Certified wood to create our unique products.


Soul Shine

The Soul Shine ups the ante in the Canadian Hemp Guitars guitar line nicely and has quickly become our biggest seller. While the construction, design and electronics are standard across the line, that’s where it ends. The guitar features a stock Canadian Hemp Guitars neck of maple, with an optional maple or rosewood fingerboard. The patented body design brings the look together with a wide range of customer selectable colours and finishes.

The guitar also provides an entry to many custom hardware  and electronics including a selection of base model pickups and near limitless additional options for pickups, bridges and onboard effects including boutique single coil or humbucker, undersaddle piezos, bigsby tremelos and our patented onboard overdrive switch and other options. When it comes to a grab-and-go guitar, the Soul Shine puts it all together in a light-weight, versatile, beautifully finished instrument.