Hemp is an extremely versatile plant and we have found yet another way it can improve our lives even more. Welcome, Cannabric!  Cannabric’s are an eco-friendly homeowners dream.  The main component of Cannabric hempbricks is hemp, and can be used for insulating, or loadbearing inside- and outside walls. Hemp is naturally mold, pest and flame resistant, so we think this makes it a pretty cool building tool. The bricks also offer special thermal, acoustic and bio-climatic qualities to keep your home quiet, safe and dry throughout the year. Hemp bricks are generally made from a combination of hemp hurds, lime and water as it cures it draws the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and petrifies the cellulose into stone. This combination also makes the bricks lighter than the traditional clay bricks, which you’ll be thanking the gods for if you decide to build anything bigger than a dog house!