It looks like our summer freestyle wardrobe still has one more thing missing, the Buckle Puffer. There’s no reason to sacrifice style for function with this genuine leather belt that doubles as a tobacco pipe. This versatile accessory is handmade right here in the USA, following its roots starting out in a Cleveland garage. The handy magnetic closure offers a snug fit, giving you a rattle-free seal with a sleek and stylish design. This company also is not about to run out on you anytime. Grow an inch or two and want your belt adjusted? They have a resizing service just for that. Free Shipping within the US and three different leather colors to choose from (Brown, Black & Chestnut) makes this a dynamite accessory for anyone with a little rock star in them!


Hemp + Honey

Healthy living is something we all strive for and now Hemp + Honey has the body care product lineup to help us treat our bodies with delicate, natural products that are good for us. We were lucky enough to try the full Hemp + Honey Plus Kit and as soon as the box opens, the smell of lavender and tea tree are fresh and abundant. All of the Hemp + Honey products are carefully crafted with skin-loving ingredients such as Matcha Green Tea for healthy antioxidants, Coconut Oil rich in Vitamin E, and Shea Butter with Omega-9 fatty acids. Inside the kit, each piece is individually boxed or wrapped and is perfectly crisp awaiting for it’s chance to shine. Finally, a personal hygiene product line that is healthy for our bodies, looks great, and aligns all of our senses for feeling good and smelling good that allow us to conquer our day with a fresh start! Makes a great gift for the holidays.



Keeping kind has a whole new meaning at Dank. Stop by and talk to their top-rated, knowledgable staff about the massive strains of flowers, delicious edibles, hash, kief or special deals. Located right off of I-70, we highly encourage you to check out this shop in Denver. Even if you’re not from Colorado, you can try your luck on their state of the day discount. If your license is from the state that happens to be the state of the day, they’ll take 15% percent off. In the meantime, they are hosting this really sweet promo where you can enter to win a free T-shirt!

Kandy Pens Limited Edition Skycloud

Kandy Pens

We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the red carpet at the Emmy’s and some tarted up vulture starts rifling through your personal possessions on national television. Well cable television anyway. So what do you do?  Show everyone your “liquid pot” pen of course. And with the Limited Edition Skycloud from Kandy Pens you can even match that designer clutch, or man-purse–fanny pack, whatever that thing is. The Skycloud comes in 15 bold colors like the Femme Fatale and Bullet Boy. A “Wickless” atomizer for concentrates means no wick aftertaste. If you are more of a flower connoisseur the honeycomb glass inserts are a great choice. Then of course you can always go liquid. This multi-use vaporizer is ready to roll with whatever your preferred style happens to be.

Hydro Halo

Hydro Halo

Traditional drip irrigation systems are a convenient way of delivering water and nutrients. The only problem is that traditional drip emitters only irrigate in one spot around the plant creating dry pockets. The Hydro Halo prevents dry pockets from forming by evenly irrigation around the pot with 54 perfectly spaced pores. The kit comes with 3 removable stakes and can be used for soil or hydroponic grows. The construction is durable enough for outdoor use is easily cleaned between growing cycles.



It’s easy to find yourself half-way through the day having eaten nothing but a piece of toast and some toothpaste you accidentally swallowed trying to rush yourself out the door. These Natera single serve hemp protein packs are a great way to optimize your nutrition with your busy schedule. Each of the four flavors contain 30 grams of hemp protein, and are packed with essential fatty and amino acids. In addition to chocolate and vanilla the Natera natural adds a nutty finish of the raw hemp protein to whatever you are mixing it with. You can also ad a heavy does of anti-oxidants with blackberry pomegranate for some hemp and berry goodness.



MMJ delivery services are nothing new, but Eaze plans to change all that. Being hailed as the “Uber of pot”, Eaze allows MMJ users to place orders through an extensive dispensary and driver network. Once you have registered with your medical marijuana ID (MMID) simply launch the app and you will be able to choose from Eaze’s selection of eight strains and set the desired amount. Like “Uber” The app will automatically pinpoint your location and give you an estimated delivery time. Once you’ve confirmed just sit back and relax. Eaze claims that with their system they should be able to delivery to most users within ten minutes of the order. Sadly Eaze is only available to MMJ patients in San Francisco, but keep a look out as they are seeking to expand to Southern California, Colorado, and Washington.



The Bamboosero concept was developed by legendary bike builder Craig Calfee to help people in struggling economies by making a common resource more valuable. The Bamboosero is made from locally available and sustainable bamboo and hemp fiber. Hemp fiber and plastics are extremely durable with properties similar to carbon fiber. Of course hemp is a sustainable resource costing many times less than carbon fiber, and can be found nearly anywhere people are to be found. The program works like this. Bamboosero helps bike builders set up production and infrastructure, then buys the bikes from those local manufacturers, and then markets the bikes to the U.S. and European markets. Taking the idea even further, you can actually follow the money on their website to see where every penny of the retail price goes.

Firefly Vaporizer

Firefly Vaporizer

There has been a lot of talk about this little beauty, and it deserves every bit of the attention. The Firefly is a true handheld convection vaporizer with style. The super-alloy heating element is computer-controlled to maintain a maximum temperature of 400°F to prevent your bud from burning. Simply pop the magnetized top plate off the device, add your flower, and pop the top back on. When ready, the Firefly emits an orange glow that can be seen through the chamber window. To make sure you never have to wait around for your device to charge the Firefly comes with a swappable battery.